Tyre Servicing and More Available at Automotive Service Centre Brisbane

Getting the best out of your tyres and wheels can save you money in the long run as well as keeping you safe on Brisbane roads. For your tyre servicing needs, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive, come and visit our experienced mechanics and car enthusiasts at SNC Automotive. A quality automotive and tyre service centre that offers a wide range of comprehensive services.

Tyre Servicing For a Wide Range of Vehicles

Whether you drive a small car, work van or Ute, SUV, high-performance vehicle, or a classic car we have the skills you need for a comprehensive tyre and wheel service. Our tyre consultants use the latest tools and equipment to fit any tyre to your vehicle, including run-flat tyres.

If you need new tyres, we have an excellent selection of tyres and wheels from the biggest brands in the industry including Bridgestone, Maxxis, Continental, Kumo, Nitto, Roadstone and more. You can be confident that you will find a suitable tyre for your vehicle and have it fitted correctly by our highly experienced team.

It can be easy to forget about the wear and tear of your tyres when you are driving around which is why we offer a comprehensive tyre service for the Brisbane area. We do essential tyre-related checks such as tread wear conditions, tyre pressure checks and adjustments, tyre balance and many more so that your tyres are in safe condition for driving on the road.

Puncture Repairs

When you find yourself, unfortunately, driving around with your spare tyre, especially if it is a space saver, then drive into our service centre for a puncture repair. Our Brisbane tyre specialists will examine your punctured tyre and determine if it is repairable or if it requires replacement. We can also then assist in changing the temporary tyre and get your car back on the road with suitable tyres.

While checking your tyres, we can also take care of the servicing of your wheels. Our thorough checks which include a wheel alignment and balance, provide a range of overall benefits to your vehicle. Getting your wheels checked and corrected if necessary can lead to a smoother ride, more comfortable handling of your car, better fuel efficiency, as well as prolonging the life of your tyres. Additionally, it can also help to avoid expensive servicing of your vehicles’ steering and suspension systems.

Our experienced automotive team will provide you with a high-quality tyre and wheel service that will keep you safe on the roads at a fair price. If there is anything you are unsure of, our team will be happy to clear it up and explain all your tyre options and which would be best suited for your vehicle.

Whether it is new tyres, puncture repairs, tread check or pressure check contact us today or come on down to our North Brisbane location and get advice from our friendly tyre specialists.