Premier Car Service and New Car Servicing in Brisbane North

Whether you have just bought a new car, or you’ve had yours for years, regular servicing and inspections are a necessity. Keeping your vehicle up to code and staying ahead of problems that might arise doesn’t just help keep your vehicle running smoothly but saves you money in repair costs later on.

At SNC Automotive our car service works to keep your car running at its best while preventing future issues from occurring. For those who have just purchased a vehicle, our new car service will ensure your new automobile is up to industry standards, while for those with older vehicles we will help keep them functioning optimally too. For responsible vehicle owners, keeping your car serviced and in good condition is an absolute must, and whether you need new car servicing or otherwise, we will be there for you.

What Car Service Can We Offer You?

At SNC our options range from new car servicing to brake tune-ups, tyre replacements and everything in between. Whether you need serious repairs or just basic inspections we can assist. Here are just a few services we offer for your vehicle.

Brake Inspections and Tune Ups: To have appropriately functioning brakes is probably one of the absolute most important factors in keeping your car and the passengers inside safe. Brakes wear down over time, through no fault of your own, and need routine repairs and tune-ups. When we service your car, we always ensure your brakes are up to code, keeping you secure while driving.

Tyre Replacement and Repair: Having solid, durable tyres gives you peace of mind while driving. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and have your tyres blown out, which is why we always give you tyre options that are top of the line. Offering a range of brands, and choices for all weather and road conditions, our tyre replacements and repair ensures a smooth ride.

Suspension Repair: When your suspension is damaged, and in need of repair, your drive can feel uncomfortable and even scary. Your suspension keeps your trip feeling smooth and comfortable and is of the utmost importance to vehicle maintenance. Damaged suspensions are a common issue that all vehicles experience at one point or another, and one that our exceptionally skilled staff can help you with, getting you back on the road quickly and effectively.

Get in Touch Today

Whether you need a new car service or more serious repairs, be sure to get in touch today. We are a trusted name for car service in Brisbane North, and there is no problem too big or too small that we can’t address. Enhancing a range of vehicles, from commuter cars to trucks, utes, and SUVs we truly aim to do it all, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might still have.