How Often Should You Take Your Car for Servicing in North Brisbane or Chermside?

It’s no secret that we rely on our cars to an impressively large degree. It makes sense, though, especially given the sprawling nature of Australia’s cities and the rapid pace of modern life. That is also why, of course, that anything that poses a threat to our ability to get around easily can quickly become a major source of stress. A strange odour, an unusual noise, or clear and obvious performance problems — these are all examples of issues that can crop up with our cars. Sometimes, it’s just wear, in other cases, problems develop due to faulty equipment.

Regardless of the reason for the problem, we all want is to solve our car trouble quickly and prevent other issues from developing and costing money. At SNC Automotive, we’ve providing top quality car servicing to North Brisbane for half a decade and counting. With friendly, professional staff, a deep foundation of experience and automotive understanding, and a commitment to your satisfaction, our shop treats your vehicle like one of our own. What if you aren’t facing a pressing need to fix a problem right now, though? A close look by a mechanic can still be worthwhile to identify issues that could develop in the future. So how often should you visit us for car servicing near Chermside?

Choosing a provider for car servicing when the time comes

To a certain extent, the answer to that question depends on the type of vehicle you drive; is it a ute? A 4×4? These can often have maintenance requirements much different to the average passenger car. Typically, the manufacturer of your vehicle will have specific milestones in mind for all the major components and consumables in the vehicle. While synthetic motor oils have a much longer usable life, typically a change every few months can keep your vehicle running well. As time goes on and you rack up more and more kilometres on the vehicle, though, you’ll hit other milestones. When you do, our car servicing in Brisbane can put you on the right track again.

For example, consider the air filter in your vehicle; it’s easy to forget about, but it supplies your engine with clean air, essential for its operation. Likewise, the non-oil fluids in your vehicle will eventually require a flush and replacement, such as the transmission fluid that keeps your gears changing smoothly. These are long-term maintenance milestones, and a member of the SNC Automotive team can help you determine what you’ll need and when.

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If you haven’t taken your car for servicing in a while and don’t know what you need, don’t worry — we’ll take a careful look and help you to understand the best way forward. New clients can receive a $50 discount on the first work necessary for their vehicle. Contact us today to find out more, or to share questions and concerns about your vehicle.