Full Classic Car Servicing Including Brake Services in Brisbane

When you take your classic car for a drive, the last thing you need is for the brakes to fail. When you undergo brake servicing at our Brisbane automotive centre, you will leave confident, knowing that your brakes will not fail and therefore avoid that unnecessary crash. At SNC Automotive we take road safety and prevention of unwanted damage to your classic car seriously by offering comprehensive brake services.

Brake Servicing

It takes a strong personality to let someone else touch and service their pride and joy which is why our mechanics are not only experienced and skilled in their job but are also car enthusiasts. Our services are all all-inclusive and of the highest standards, giving your car the treatment and service that we would expect to receive ourselves.

As one of the most important features of your vehicle, our technicians will take care to service your brake thoroughly, and are capable of repairing any problems on all classic cars in the Brisbane area. Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, so you will be getting the best services that you need for maintaining your brake function.

We recommend servicing of your brakes on a regular basis; however, if you notice issues while you are driving the Brisbane roads, then it is essential that you get them checked as soon as possible. Things to be aware of include high-pitched noises while braking, taking longer than average to stop and shaking of your steering wheel while braking.

Our brake servicing disciplines include changing of the brake fluid and checking brake discs for wear and tear. We can even inspect the thickness of the pads where feasible or replace the pads when needed to make sure that you have optimal braking when you need it. Your safety is paramount to us which is why we use premium products from the most trusted brands in the industry such as such as Bendix.

Reliable Mechanics to Service Your Classic Car

Having your car’s brakes in top working condition is what our experienced technicians will provide after a thorough check and accurate diagnosis of the problem. We aim to keep you well informed of the process and advise you on your options for any work we do.

Our automotive centre is well equipped in knowledge and tools to service any area of your classic car to keep it maintained in peak condition as if it were brand new. Whatever the make or model of your classic car, our technicians will manage all your car services and repair needs. Whether your car needs engine tuning, parts replacements, log book servicing, roadworthy certificates, servicing or repairs, our technicians work to the highest standards and consistently do a thorough service.

Servicing the brakes or any area of your classic car should not cause you to worry with our experienced and reliable technicians, so contact us today to discuss your requirements or to book your service at our Brisbane automotive centre.